Taboo 7: excessive noise during elevator operation

Consequence: Any noise will give the passenger a psychological burden and an uncomfortable feeling. There are many reasons for the working noise of the elevator, such as the friction between the guide shoe and the guide rail, the car starting speed increase, the running, the deceleration braking sound, the sound generated by the automatic door action, and the airflow sound of the high-speed elevator running in the closed shaft. Wait.

Measures: As the elevator develops from low speed to high speed, the noise problem also attracts attention. In the hardware, mechanical damping measures are adopted. The control uses frequency modulation, voltage regulation, speed regulation devices, and vent holes are provided above the hoist way to reduce noise. In addition to using software to control the speed characteristics of the elevator operation, that is, the elevator is added. The deceleration rate is within the limited range, and the installation and commissioning personnel need to work carefully to reduce the elevator noise to within the permissible range, that is, the noise in the car is not more than 55dB, the noise in the equipment room is not more than 80dB, and the door noise is Not more than 65dB.

Do you know the elevator installation restrictions? (7)
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